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As we continue to adjust to life amidst a pandemic, we must take measures to ensure your safety and the safety of our Suzin L. team.

Masks or face coverings, which cover the nose, mouth and chin, are now required at both of our locations.  Additionally, we request that you respect the space of others and practice social distancing for the duration of your visit. 

People who meet one or more of the following conditions are exempt from wearing a mask or face covering and will not be required to provide proof upon entering our shops:

  • Children under ten years of age

  • Persons with an underlying medical condition which inhibits their ability to wear a mask or face covering.

If you are uncomfortable entering our stores or are physically compromised, we would be more than happy to bring your order out to you.  You can call us at 1440-323-3372 or 1-877-530-6792 to place an order and arrange a convenient pick-up time.

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